Gabriella Achadinha “Sisterhood”


Working in Cape Town, South Africa, Gabriella Achadinha jumps between photography, film production and wardrobe styling.

The series shot on 35mm / Nikon F5, in Cape Town, was a simple celebration of two womxn I appreciate and love dearly. Two humans who through the thick and thin of life are always supportive and inspirational, holding the space as friends, sisters, advisors. The experience revolved around honoring their forms, creating these Goddesses of Strength but also honing in on them owning their sexuality and beauty (a process which is ongoing, the strive for self-love) not only alone but in relation to occupying that position with another womxn. Sisterhood. The love of oneself but also of another.

Muses | Thandeka Steenkamp (@thandi_love_love) and Liza Scholtz (@lizascholtz)
Photography | Gabriella Achadinha (@gabriella_achadinha_the_xvi)
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