Gabriella Achadinha


Working in Cape Town, South Africa, Gabriella Achadinha jumps between photography, film production and wardrobe styling. 27 years of age, her background is predominantly specialised in film with a more recent interest in photography. Moments of individual contemplation in spaces of chaos and excitement, Gabriella’s work attempts to capture human emotion in urbanscapes / landscapes. Her subject matter consists of female figures (whether in a formal posed setting or street photography candids), portraiture and street photography.

For this series, i worked with Cape Town model Jamila Faba. I met Jamila in the new Selfi store on Loop Street, Cape Town. Her energy and laughter was immediately infectious, her beauty emphasised by her down-to-earth, honest personality. She mentioned she’s always wanted to go into modelling but was having difficulty in finding an agency to take her on – hopefully that will change soon! She’s wearing predominantly Selfi in the shoot, which boasts another power woman at its creation – designer Celeste Arendse.

Model : Jamila Faba – @jamilafaba
Photographer: Gabriella Achadinha – @gabriella_achadinha_the_xvi
Clothing: Selfi – @__selfi
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