Women With Prints


Model & body positive advocate Kimmy Touré @kimmykvn has been sharing her experience and journey with Naevus, a rare skin condition, with the aim to help other girls struggling with their skin. Kimmy has met women around the world with the same skin condition. This inspired her to create the Instagram page Women With Prints to highlight these stories.

My wish to build a community about this skin condition is getting real. It heals me to find people that went through the same issues with this skin condition. Talking with these girls was like a new breath. It gave me more power and confidence to believe in myself.
I never considered myself a victim of this skin condition and I never wanted to be considered as a victim. I wanted to show to women in general and to women with a skin condition that they can be strong, proud, and beautiful with their differences.

Kimmy Touré

Photos of Kimmy @kimmykvn, shot by @magdalena_lawniczak for @body_mirror
Kaygee Khumalo @kaygee_khumalo_
Blandina Martino @blandinamartinho
Ana Maria @anamariaf.f

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