Frances Weger


Frances Weger is a fifteen year old photographer living in Columbus, Ohio. In her photography she aims to showcase how she views the world from a teenager point of view. 

Through my photography I aim to show how I view my surroundings and personal experiences. My friends really have created a beautiful space for me to see and to be seen. In the photos I strived to document the reality of our teenage years. I’ve grown to notice the lack of period blood being shown on the media. It’s not talked about either. Commercials use blue liquid to represent blood. Blood is flaunted when it is in movies and shows, but a woman’s natural monthly occurrence of blood is considered to be unclean. In the bible it states that a woman on her period is unclean and so is anyone who touches her or anything she touches. So in certain photos I captured pads covered in substances that are considered to be girly and pure. In other photograph I try to capture the spirit of girls.

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