Exclusive design by ALICE ARCANGELI for the Curated By GIRLS collection.

Celebrate Nipples: Embrace your authenticity and defy societal norms. This t-shirt challenges the double standards surrounding the female nipple.

Available for worldwide shipping / Inclusive sizing / hand-printed in Lisboa, using organic cotton tees.

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Not Appropriate – exclusive design by Aliche SBRB for the Curated By GIRLS collection.

Available for worldwide shipping. Inclusive sizing. Printed on 100% organic cotton.

Free the Nipple! Embrace Authenticity and defy societal norms. Addressing social media censorship and double standards around nipples, this shirt celebrates embracing your natural self. Join the movement, be unapologetically you, and proudly display your nipples as a symbol of self-acceptance.

Not appropriate. Our nipples are not appropriate. To name one, the first case that comes to mind is that of social media, in which the appearance of a FEMALE nipple in a photo implies its censorship; apart from what I can and cannot see through my platforms, I remain a person, a woman. And yes, since many of us human beings have nipples, I have no intention of pretending not to have them in front of others. I stay the same with and without a bra under my shirt and I won’t be “censored” in real life. You have no right to make me feel embarrassed, and I have the right not to be embarrassed. So: if you see the nipples under my shirt, it’s because I have them.

—  @aliche_sbrb

To minimize waste, we produce and ship the garments only after the pre-order campaign concludes. Available for worldwide shipping.

Our tees are produced as limited editions and hand-printed using the screen printing technique in Lisbon, Portugal. We prioritize eco-friendly practices and exclusively use organic cotton tees, ensuring a responsible and ethical approach to fashion.

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