Film Premiere: UNRAVEL

Unravel is a short film by Cologne-based dancer & director Ulla Al-Hamad. The film follows the journey of two performers as they make their way through an unknown space. Unaware of the physical presence of one another, they begin to explore their movement in the vast and empty surroundings, claiming the surrounding space. As the dynamic between the performers and their space grows, fear slowly transforms into a state of strength and playfulness.

The movement direction was heavily inspired by the restless and intricate sounds of the soprano recorder. Listening to Holz, by Cologne-based composer David Quaas, I knew I wanted to develop a film that shows the performers embodying their strength in an intimidating location. The St. Peter’s Church, a Centre for contemporary art and music, was the perfect location to unfold the fluid style of movement and sound coming together. When I first entered the church, I remember feeling so small in comparison to this enormous, beautiful space. That’s when I knew it would be the perfect spot to challenge the thought of taking up space.

Director Ulla Al-Hamad.

Written, directed & produced by: Ulla Al-Hamad @ulla_alh
Choreography & Performance: Ulla Al-Hamad @ulla_alh, Sima Vortkamp @simajuli
Music „Holz“: David Quaas @davidquaas_studio
Recorder & Live Electronics: Alina Loewenich @alinaloewenich
DoP: Erdem Varol @airdaamn
Editor(s): Erdem Varol @airdaamn, Hamed Jalali @terrestrion
Assistant Editor: Pascal Kempa
Colorist: Erdem Varol @airdaamn
Sound Design: David Quaas @davidquaas_studio
Stylism: Sima Vortkamp @simajuli
Set Runner: Alina Loewenich @alinaloewenich

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