Bianca Valle


Bianca is an eclectic soul running about New York soaking up as much as she can. There has been a camera in her hand since she was a young girl growing up in California. Ever since then, she has been taking pictures of friends that appeal to her in regards of their mind, body and spirit. She mostly shoots in her bedroom wherever it is at the time; Union square, Paris, Noho, wherever.
​Bianca’s photography focuses on celebrating the unfiltered beauty of women or any gender she photographs. Her goal isn’t to take glamour shots, but rather get a captivating shot that embodies the subject’s spirit as well as hers. She wants to showcase their identity mixed with what is in her mind, a thought up world filled with color and ambiguity. 

“I do believe that women should be what they want and accept that they are who they are so I don’t try and change the girls, or any of the subjects in my photos. They wear their own clothes mostly and make their own faces. I do however place them in a world I have created for them”.
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