Colette Pomerleau x Littlespeak


Colette Pomerleau is an artist floating between the west coast, USA and Europe, with an unhealthy attraction to photograph emotive portraits as well as landscapes which communicate loneliness and decay. Without camera in hand, she’s usually making lists for unnecessary tasks and collecting velvet for future cults.

This series “We’re Not Lonely Anymore” is a collaboration between Colette Pomerleau and a young choreography collective Littlespeak, featured exclusively on Curated by GIRLS.

Littlespeak is an international digital dance collective sparked by intense vision and the hunger to create. Littlespeak brings together dancers, directors, fashion designers, film makers and other creatives so long as they bring a wild imagination and a desire to make.

Photographer: Colette Pomerleau @ofcuriosities
Performers: Manuel Meza @daffodildaff + Celeste Patten @celeste_patten
Stylist + overall concept: Sabina Moe @sabinamoe

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