Alaina Hunt


Alaina Hunt is an emerging visual artist and floral designer living and working in oklahoma city. Her current focus is on floral and portrait photography, particularly self portraiture that blends the two together. Photomanipulation is also an area Alaina explores, primarily with minerals as subject matter. Her current project focuses on self-portraiture as a means of self care.

As a Black femme living in a very conservative environment, I have to assimilate in order to be seen by those who benefit most from the status-quo. Being expected to constantly code switch, comfort and cater to the fragility of a predominately white society makes me feel bent and warped. Hyper-visible and invisible. This distortion keeps me from wholly seeing myself.

In January of 2017 I began to check in with myself once a week. I would ask myself questions: “Who am I right now in this moment?” “How do I wish the world saw me in my Blackness?” I sought out to express the vulnerabilities I had been suppressing to protect myself through the Black female gaze.
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