Talk Dirty To Me


JAGODYstudio is a creative duo by Agnieszka Zientarska & Jagoda Żmudzińska based in Poland. Both designers are known for their highly conceptual and holistic design approach. For this project “Talk To Me Dirty” the duo collaborated with Tomek Albin, a visual artist, who successfully combines conceptual work in still life and commercial portraits. TALK DIRTY TO ME is about celebration, shame, sexuality and fetishes.

The way we perceive, desire, and experience food is complicated. It can be tasty, sensual but also repulsive. We live in times of incredibly fast development, in the world of consumerism, overloaded with information from mass media, we hide our true desires, dreams, and needs.

Concept & Production: JAGODYstudio & Tomek Albin
Script & Dir: Jaga Żmudzińska / JAGODYstudio
DOP & Light: Janek Pietrzak & Czarek Kazimierowski / VORTEXvision & Tomek Albin
Set Design & Food: Agnieszka Zientarska / JAGODYstudio
Actor: Jula Bienkowska 
MUA & hair: Vika May 
Casting: Czarek Kazimierowski / VORTEXvision 
Edit: Frydrych&Zdanowski
Color: Piekarnia
Music & Sound: Tomasz Toczkowski 
Making of: Bartek Andrzejewski
Stage Hand/Students: Agata Puławska, Dawid Szablewski, Michał Mikulski, Mateusz Kostka,
Graphic Design: Bartosz Wagrowski
With many thanks to:
Nunka Stawieray, Janusz Tylman, Konrad Górecki, Damian Kupczyk, Sebastian Dębicki,
National Film School in Łódź & all students who helped us during the shoot

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