“Royalty” by Mabru Rodrigues


In her work, Brazilian photographer Mabru Rodrigues breaks the stereotypes of fashion and seeks to bring diversity to the forefront. She founded the ongoing project ‘United Bodies‘, which portrays the importance of diversity, unity and freedom. In her latest series “Royalty”, Mabru captured her muse Amanda Vieira Queen, with the aim to show that all bodies are beautiful and have a plural beauty.

Royalty wants to show how beautiful you are, how much you can love yourself, how much you can look at yourself and see the person, the woman you are!
You don’t have to hide your body, you don’t have to run away from your body, because this is your body! Your body is a temple, and it is your temple. It is a temple of care, a temple of affection, of love, your body is unique!

Vieira, Amanda.

Your body has no pattern, your body is yours and your body has its own characteristics, your body has a plurality! And when we speak of plurality, it means that the body is yours, it is the body that is part of you, it is the body that was born and came with you! You don’t have to fit any standard, because a body is not to be standardized, a body is to be loved!

Vieira, Amanda.

Photo: Mabru Rodrigues @mabrurodrigues
Model: Amanda Vieira Queen @amandavieiraqueen
Stylist: Dani Lima @danisevoce

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