Meg Nixon is a London based Set Designer and Textile Artist. She works predominantly in Fashion and Immersive theatre; designing, building and dressing sets, especially enjoying fabric based projects due to her background in textiles. She creates textile art in her spare time, taking a tongue in cheek stance on her personal experiences as a Woman, and that of the female experience in general.  

“I am using my embroidery and knitting – using non discriminative colours to avoid any isolation – to examine the stigmatisation and degradation of female genitalia in society. Embroidery and knitting are commonly seen as outdated and ‘crafty’. I see this as a problem for textiles being fully accepted as an art form, rather than just ‘art’s and crafts’; it demeans the skill and expertise needed, which is even more concerning when it is seen as ‘women’s work’. By using histrionic techniques to explore current affairs, I aim to expose such double standards, whilst also poking fun at the old constructs of such ‘hobbies’ keeping the women distracted, busy and firmly in the home.”

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