Ecdysis A choreographic exploration by Franka Marlene Foth


Franka Marlene Foth is a choreographer, creative and young Director from Berlin. Her work spans stage and film productions for music artist, fashion brands and collaborations with artist from different creative fields. She has worked for many years as a dancer and continues to do so.

ECDYSIS: A choreographic exploration of the ecdysis process, a procedure in which reptiles and arthropods shed their old skin and discard their outgrown layers. Snakes and various insects must undergo this transformation several times throughout their lives, as it is necessary for growth. However, the process is neither easy nor fast. It takes time, energy and the right circumstances. Once the process is complete, the body is not only stronger and healthier, but lighter and freer.

The sound is provided by Bianca Scout and Jacob Samuel. 
Bianca Scout is a musician and dancer whose work explores collective being through myth and performance. 
Jacob Samuel a filmmaker and musician whose work looks into performative identity and its relation to action and storytelling.

“The Idea to create and choreograph this film steemed from a very emotional time I was going through. I felt like I was going through Ecdysis and had to outgrow an old layer of skin.”

Director and Choreographer : Franka Marlene Foth  / @frankamarleneka
Dancer: Amalie Stitz / @amalie_stitz
Music: Bianca Scout @bianca_scout, Jacob Samuel 
Director Of Photography: Ashton Carlisle Green
Camera Operator: Daniel Merget 
1st AC: Joachim Neumann 
2nd AC: Vanessa Mihali  
Styling: Lilo Klinkenberg 
Editor: Ashton Carlisle Green 
Colorist: Manuel Portschy 
Photographer: Frangipani Beatt
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