Ira Smolikova is an art director and photographer living in Moscow. “In my room” is a metaphorical project based on a period of her life. It happened when she quit her job to find what she really wanted to do. It was a bit of a depressive period for a woman in her thirties because she had no clear plans for the future, which frustrated her. Then she spent most of the time in the room with little interest in what was happening around, constantly falling asleep, hardly had she had any desire to clean up when she suddenly found herself all messed up in the garbage.
Also, the sources of inspiration for the project were surreal paintings by Viktor Pivovarov and ‘My Bed’ by Emin Tracey. The author finds soulmates in the works of both artists.

Photography. @ira.smolikova
Muse. @barbaraska_92
Styling. @pompeznaya_ebuchka
Set design. @xrisssmont
Make-up. @mashavorslav
Hair. @_lucifersdaughter_
Photo assistant. @a.kostochka
Styling assistant. @yanetsvetok


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