From the distance 17

“From the distance” by Anne Lomberg

A self-experienced series about the miscommunication through social media in our society. 


What we are used to is a toxic way of choosing a conversation. The problem about this modern communication tool of writing text messages is that you can interpret so much in every single word without seeing any impression of a face. I for my part received many of those wrong chosen words in my personal life especially in the last time, where everything is already tense. And I am impressed how easy people, friends, lovers put angry, violent content in a message compared to well-meant subtexts. It almost seems that we are not only loosing speech we also lose being kind to each other. Something that really bothers me concerning to future perspectives. That’s why I create my art the way I create it. I want to point out that love and romanticism is underrated. We should never underrate such a huge thing, because it’s the basis of life and the basis of everything that surrounds us.”

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