A series by photographer Franziska Brodhun, celebrating the divine power of femininity, with the aim to set free from the conditioning to fit into an unrealistic standard of perfection.

At the age of four, my auntie asked me: What do you want to be when you’re grown up? My response to that was: A Barbie doll in Hollywood. Through spending a lot of time traveling, meeting the beautiful person in the pictures, gathering knowledge and understanding more, THE AWAKENING became more and more of a clear picture within myself.

Ripping off all those Barbies heads was scary and liberating at the same time. I felt so sorry for them. As a girl, I was hypnotized by the idea of beauty and fitting into a certain image of perfection. But women are beyond that.

We are brutal, forceful, daring, demanding, and THERE. We are strange, we are ugly, we are serene, we are present, we are loving, we hate, we suffer, we fight, we surrender. All at the same time. Explaining it with words feels like lowering the vibration, that’s why I don’t want to speak too much. It will not translate into words. Just by looking at the images, you might understand. The divine power of the feminine is here to serve us.

Model: Maxinne Björk @maxinnebjork
Post Production: Harvest Digital Agriculture @harvestdigitalagriculture
Photography, concept and styling: Franziska Brodhun @franziska_brodhun

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