Amazing exciting sensational Love Ep cover
© Aliche SBRB


Lisbon-based – French – duo Free Free Dom Dom, composed of Curated by GIRLS’ very own Laetitia & partner in crime Philippe, just released a new EP “Amazing Exciting Sensational Love”, along with a video for their single “Sensational Love”. The music video is an animation by unique T-A-L-E-N-T Aliche SBRB, who took the challenge to animate a song for the very first time. Mission fulfilled, hands down! This is the beauty of life when creatives come together. Expect cute and badass lively elements grooving on this anti-grey anthem of fine 80’s pop synth. Check it out now!

‘Sensational Love’ is about how we tend to misunderstand the word LOVE, even in the most beautiful songs.

Video animation: Aliche SBRB – @aliche_sbrb
Music & Lyrics: Free Free Dom Dom – @freefreedomdom
Song Mix and master: Niko Stoessl – @nikostoessl
Bass: Donovan Bettencourt – @donovanbettencourt

on Apple Music on Bandcamp on Spotify on Soundcloud

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