Nowhere But Kyiv

Spend an afternoon in the city of Kyiv through the gaze of photographers & friends Giulia Ricciotti and Svitlana Levchenko

Instead of looking for innovative spots to shoot the series, the 2 artists decided to explore popular locations in Kyiv. They inspected the city with model & blogger Maria Miarisua, in search of those spots that could be considered as the cliché background in fashion magazines.

Giulia Ricciotti @giuliaricciotti is a writer and photographer based in Berlin, who travels continuously around the world. Her work has been exhibited in Argentina, Italia and Berlin. She is also a contributor for RegiaMag, and she was published in many magazines such as WhiteliesMag and Balladof.

Svitlana Levchenko @svitlana__levchenko is a visual artist based in Kyiv. She works with photographer and curators in Ukraine but also around the world. She is part of UPhA and EEP Berlin platform and she has participated in group exhibitions in Berlin, Los Angeles, Rome, Paris, Austria, Latvia, Korea, Ukraine. She also took part in photo festivals and photo fairs in Germany, Greece, Austria, Ukraine, Azerbaijan.

Maria Miarisua @miarisua is a model and travel blogger from Kyiv.

Photography: Giulia Ricciotti @giuliaricciotti & Svitlana Levchenko @svitlana__levchenko
Models: Maria Miarisua @miarisua & Giulia Ricciotti @@giuliaricciotti

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