Sophia Brackenridge


Sophia Brackenridge is an emerging British/French documentary photographer based in London working only with analogue. Her latest series features Emerencz, a non-binary techno DJ from Vancouver. 

“As a queer political artist, I strive to amplify queer and minority voices through my photographs. I met Emerencz, a non binary techno DJ, music producer and radio host, while I was in Vancouver on holiday visiting my sister. We spent the morning shooting and chatting about the queer music scene and how queer and non-binary artists are struggling to find exposure and their place in a scene dominated by men, usually white, cis and hetero. They talked about how there is also a lack of safe spaces for queer, trans and non-binary people, and in particular for QTPOC, at music events and how they want to change that. They recounted a time when a queer music space allowed cis hetero men to enter, who then proceeded to film and photograph the attendees dancing. Queer bodies are not for your entertainment. Queer bodies are not public property. Queer people are beautiful. Queer people deserve safety and respect. Queer, trans and non binary lives matter.

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