“Les Jolies Images”


Elis Jolie is an italian fashion and fine art photographer currently based in Berlin. She likes to tell stories and delve into the human mind. She is self taught and she believes that if you have a vision, as soon as you will hold a camera in your hands, you will never stop.  Jolie doesn’t just like to document the surrounding world, but she likes to build her characters from scratch, bringing forth vulnerable performances that blur the lines between reality and fiction. Her inspiration comes from her dreams, memories, books, arts and the social media world. The color is an important element in her photographs, as well as the composition and the details. Her opinion about photography in general is that you can communicate a lot with just one good shot.

Jolie’s latest series “Les Jolies Images” features her friend Isu. Isu questions how itself* appears in the world, and twist it through various kinds of performance. It can be ritualistic, it can be post-internet, it can be cathartic. It resurrects the invisible queer death through green screen, It gets possessed by the bride stripped bare by her bachelors, even, while summoning the fountain by vertically peeing on the floor. It investigates the estrogen contained inside the plastic through the eye of the future species.

(*Isu’s preferred pronoun is it)

Photography, art direction, and styling: Elis Jolie @elisjolie
Model and makeup: Isu Mignon Mignonne @isu_mignon_mignonne
Producer: Kelly Krugman @kellllllllyk

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