Lauren Pringle


Lauren Pringle is a freelance director/producer and performance artist based between London and Berlin. SHOVE, a self-funded pro-choice campaign video, is a direct response to the Argentine Senates failure to pass the Voluntary Pregnancy Interruption bill on 9th August 2018.

I lived and worked in Buenos Aires for eight years and witnessed first hand and through close friends the stark reality regarding this situation. My own experience after falling pregnant accidentally led me on a journey towards an illegal abortion. I suffered a miscarriage before it was necessary to undergo any surgical procedures but I saw first hand the tangled web of backstreet clinics and mysterious phone numbers related to the situation. I was very fortunate in what was an incredibly difficult situation, but many women are forced to go through with unsafe abortions, this is why I want to push the discussion further through this campaign. The question stands as to how a senate that supposedly represents its people can seemingly be so detached from the reality of millions of women and their right to decide what happens to their own bodies.
As the co-founder of F.L.O.W altas wachas, alongside Estefi Spark and Mailen Ciseneros, a politically active dance group in Argentina. Pringle and Spark now based in Berlin felt compelled to make a statement, SHOVE it in the public eye and to shout about it.

Film Sound Design:
Track: White Talls – Poser 
Graphic Design: 

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