Saskia Reis is a cultural journalist and visual artist based in Berlin, creating new narratives at the interface of journalism and visual storytelling.

Deconstructing The Image Of Womxn is an ongoing analogue collage and papercut series using vintage fashion magazines. The process of cutting out and rearranging silhouettes, surfaces and backgrounds, challenges hitherto viewing habits and creates a new female gaze: an antithesis to the image of womxn we are used to. A gaze that looks beyond a superficial visibility. One that dares to discover hidden textures, feelings and a diverse variety of femininity. The image of womxn is shaped by how it has been depicted from past to present. This visual examination dissects the narrative.

What we see in a person, how we perceive the people around us, depends from our individual point of view. And just as we change from second to second, so does everyone around us.

Reisβ€˜ portraits inspire the viewer to look beyond the surface, enjoy asymmetries and flaws as part of the human experience, and to never consider the images we have from each other as complete. Instead, we may encourage each other to change, develop and grow.

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