Music Video Premiere: TIDAL WAVE

A vulnerable short music film exploring trauma recovery, and the shared experience of isolation, through erotic rope art and lush cinematic visuals.

Filmed during the late summer of 2021 on the ancestral and contemporary lands of the Gayogohó:no’ in the Finger Lakes region of New York, Tidal Wave was created by artists Soft Squadron (Heather Fae Calla) and Playhouse90 (Kristi Gogos and Jacob Mroczek).

The idea for this song came from a dream I had, where a wave crashed over someone I deeply cared for, over and over, until they were washed away. I awoke to the pandemic and the world coming to a halt.

Heather Fae

Heather Fae Calla aka Soft Squadron, is a vocalist and intermedia artist based in Berlin, Germany whose work explores desire, ancestral memory, the passing of thresholds, composition and decomposition, Earth connections, the body as object/canvas, the body as resistance, the body as vessel.

Playhouse90 is a small production company focused on psychedelic audiovisual collaboration based in Ithaca, New York. Composed of artists Kristi Gogos and Jacob Mroczek, their work has taken the form of documentary, stop-motion animation, multimedia collage, sound art and youth filmmaking workshops.

I wanted to incorporate the art of Shibari to express what I felt during the height of the pandemic: feelings of vulnerability mixed with the determination to endure, to surrender, and to live in gratitude for the gift of life.

Heather Fae

Within the film, I use my body as a sculptural object in various states of suspension and motion. The rope becomes a tool with which to explore ecological entanglement, and my internal states intertwining & unraveling.

Heather Fae

Soft Squadron


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