Joanna Legid


Half German & half Rwandan, Joanna LEGID is a photographer and together with her partner-in-crime Anna Baur, she co-founded the inclusive creative platform HEART WORK, based in Berlin. Joanna has worked as a writer for Blonde Magazine for several years, and is now focusing on her photography career. Her nickname “Legid” was inspired by a friend of hers who would describe her work as “legit”. Indeed, Joanna’s work is about authenticity. She is passionate about capturing people and especially women, in the moment, as they are, through the lense of her analog camera.

it is the beauty in the little things that triggers my attention.

Original story on Refinery29 Germany
Photography: Joanna Legid
Styling & Light: Anna Baur
Production: @heartxwork_
Models: RibkaLenaMariekeGordiaYu &Eva
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