Body positivity

Step into “Body Positivity,” a series by Federica Maretta featuring model Manuela Pintaudi, where body positivity reigns supreme and beauty standards are challenged. In a society saturated with images of so-called “perfect bodies,” this project emerges as a bold rebellion, unapologetically embracing authenticity and celebrating every strand of body hair.

Right now is a crucial moment for swimwear campaigns, they bombard us with pictures of this “perfect bodies”, striving to keep up with them, hoping to get to that beauty standard. They tell us we’re too thin, too fat, too much cellulite. Hip dips? Not even mentioned, although it’s a reality. They show us smooth bodies, without spots or beauty marks, bodies that don’t reflect a universal reality, rather a little privileged portion of it. With this project we wanna bring some realness on your devices, main characters being body hair. Not hidden, censored or shaved, but rather exalted, used as they were an accessory. Play with your body, make it protagonist and don’t hide it. Because what they show us, is just the fruit of a ever changing money based society that keeps changing trends.

Manuela Pintaudi

Model: Manuela Pintaudi / @svg.daughter_
Photographer: Federica Maretta @ph_federica_marretta
Hair: Alessandra Del Gaudio @del_gaudio_alessandra & @skip_la_comune

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