Bloody Brilliant: The Period Celebration Party

Celebrating menstruation and fighting period poverty one party at a time!

Period poverty affects millions worldwide, denying access to menstrual products and the freedom to manage menstruation without shame. Around 25% of all menstruating individuals globally lack access to essential facilities. With a mission for menstrual health and well-being for all, The Vagina Museum and Berlin Boudoir have teamed up to launch a new tradition: the Period Celebration Party. Originating from Berlin Boudoir’s 2022 award-winning art music video “PERIOD,” this colorful costume gala will take place on Saturday, May 25th, at the Vagina Museum in London, with the aim to encourage open dialogue on menstruation and advocacy.

Photos by Monika Kozub | Berlin Boudoir – @berlinboudoir
Costume designer: Camila Miranda – @camilamirandafashion
Models: Anagha Nair, Aenni Landgrebe, Daniela Roa, Lucie Eon, Mika Zimina, Yidi Cao

SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, May 25th
Time: 8pm
@vagina_museum, London

more info and tickets:

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