Berlin Boudoir shares P.E.R.I.O.D – a music video celebrating menstruation and fighting period poverty.

Need a banger for your next period? Here’s a bloody good one! 🩸

P.E.R.I.O.D is an art video by Berlin Boudoir, celebrating that time of the month, with a mission to draw attention to period poverty; a lack of access to menstrual products, which affects many individuals who menstruate globally, causing physical, mental, and emotional issues.

Periods should never be a luxury, let’s end period poverty now!

Monika Kozub – Artist & Founder of Berlin Boudoir

With a tongue-in-cheek approach we want to spark conversation about the period stigma and economic issues of people who menstruate.

Monika Kozub – Artist & Founder of Berlin Boudoir

P.E.R.I.O.D. – A Berlin Boudoir production, created by Monika Kozub @berlinboudoir and Daniel S. Roden @daniel.s.roden
Directed by Monika Kozub
Music: D1, Daniel S. Roden, Monika Kozub
Cinematography: Borbala Szelei @borbalaszelei
Costume Design: Camila Miranda @camilamirandafashion
Set design: @orsiorbandesign
Models: @dotti_moscati @jeezauristella @anaghanair @theladybona @walkingsiren @sohailaelkhatib


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