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March has been full of high and low notes and we think that you should add these ladies to your playlist.

ANN CHRISTINE – CCC (Cats cause chaos)

Meow! ANN CHRISTINE is up for some chaos. No matter if you’re a cat or a dog person, we’re sure you’re gonna enjoy this one. Coming at you hot with an edgy and futuristic music video.

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AVEC – I don’t pray

Although we are slowly moving on to spring times, here is a last glimpse of winter melancholia for you. Avec wrote the song “I don’t pray” after she lost her uncle and wasn’t planning on releasing it. Well, we are very glad she did because it’s ticking all our boxes.

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90s sass meets queer-feminist empowerment. The video and sound of Ebow’s “SHORTY” makes us wanna get together with all our girlfriends – yeah, yeah.

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Beth Million – LAYERS

“Layers” marks the latest release from New York City-based R&B artist Beth Million. Partnering with director Emmi Shockley on the track’s music video, the female filmmaker & musician duo explore themes of feminine power, ownership, and addictive interpersonal relationships. 

Layers explores the nearly addictive allure that develops with a romantic partner, where you see the sensuality start to sit between the intense focus and curiosity developed between one another.

Beth Million

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Silly Boy Blue – The Riddle

My biggest dream would be that my music falls into the hands of an equally fucked up girl, who doesn’t know who she is, if she prefers boys or girls. And that this girl feels OK while listening to me. I just want to pay back for what Bowie and some others did for me.

Silly Boy Blue

In Silly Boy Blue’s latest single “The Riddle”, she reminds us to focus on hope with her silvery voice over sweet 80s synths and drums.

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