Isabel Spantzel “dresscode”


Isabel is a photographer and sustainable design student from cologne, Germany, whose recent project “dresscode” explores established thought patterns about gender and the way we dress. The series aim to provide a space for symbols to breathe freely, liberated from social conventions and thus breaking with traditional patterns of visual perception and thinking – promoting a dresscode that is challenging prevailing concepts of thinking.

As a human and as an artist, i am always trying to become more perceptive, more permeable to the world around me, so that i can encounter individuals and life itself with enough softness and sensitivity. Under closer observation, it is the infinite in-between that catches the eye. i believe there is so much to explore there.

These photographs are part of a self-published photobook that can be purchased on Isabel’s website. 

Photography & Styling: @izzzel
Models: @shahedmassjedi @amr_assy @colour.me_in.kindess @joebesser @wendegelaende

All clothing and accessories are vintage.

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