Fü©k Ç€n$0rsh!p

(Previously known as Your Post Has Been Removed) ✌⠀⠀

We’re joining forces with Trophy Wife Barbie and starting a club called Fuck Censorship with a special merch t-shirt: Fü©k Ç€n$0rsh!p – only available for ONE WEEK!

Between the two of us we’ve had 50+ posts removed by Instagram and we’re tired of this c€n$orsh!p shit.

We find the message that it’s acceptable to use the female body for selling everything from creams to cars hypocritical when images depicting a self-actualized body are removed. And from constant removal, we know nipples are the single biggest factor in the decay of civilization.

We used to enjoy using Instagram as a way to connect and explore – it’s through the app that we met each other ❤ – but the platform’s censorship has changed this experience for us. We are not free to do our curatorial/artistic work anymore because the rules are not transparent and they keep changing. There is a constant threat that the pages we’ve built over the last six years may be removed at any point.

All the removed images were conversation starters – interesting art to facilitate discussion. We believe it’s through discussion that we have the opportunity to get to know ourselves and each other better.

So, we’re planning on having an exhibition of our and YOUR removed images and these t-shirts are the official club merch. We’re interested in taking our collective images off the platform that has censored us and having the interesting discussions we wanted to have in the first place. Email removed images to info@trophywifebarbie.com.

Join our club to discuss this issue, and let’s find ways to fight back – together!

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