Heaven’s Inferno

A series directed by stylist and designer Ellie Walker, whose practise is rooted in sustainability, hugely influenced by Magic and Folklore.

Shot in the style of a high school prom with a Neo-Gothic Renaissance twist, “Heaven’s Inferno” was inspired by the themes of heaven and hell, where the angels & demons have come out in all their finery for the ball. The soft, playful and nostalgic atmospheres are achieved by the work of analog photographer Anna Nygard.

The project aims to showcase the designs of 8 young sustainable designers from London, that work with unique materials in a creative way. Dhammit Tat was the first inspirational designer selected; she uses old band t-shirts to create traditional boned corsets, which is a conflicting and powerful modern emblem.

I’m interested in creating other worlds and low fi fantasy scenes using found materials and whatever is at hand. I like to be spontaneous and find an honest flow with whoever I’m working with.

– Ellie Walker

Creative director/set and stylist – Ellie Walker @elllie.walker
Photographer- Anna Nygard @annaanygard 
Makeup- Nikki Marilyn @nicmarilyn
Using makeup from @discodustlondon @depixym @mybeautybrand @theordinary @macpro brushes by @mykitko and @spectrumcollections 
Hair- Mako @mxmk.hair 

Tumi @georgieporgiepuddinpie 
Maia @malinconica 
Sophie @llilyatis 
at Contact Agency @contact.agency

Lighting and BTS photography – David Jorre @davidjorre

Clothing Credits – 
Upcycled Corsets – Dhammit Tat @dhammit.tat
Mesh bodice, corral corset and black trousers – Tone Olmedo @Toneolmedo
Pointed Shoes – Connor Joseph Baxter @ConnorjosephBaxter 
Zebra Painted Boots – Returning Queen @returningqueen
Floral Mesh Two Piece – Rhi Dancey @rhidancey
Cloud Dress and Gold Opera Dress – Isbim @isbim_official
White Burnt Skirt – Brian De Carvalho @briandecarvalho
Bonnet – @Mvudslyde

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