Jennifer Georgieff


Jennifer Georgieff is a photographer living in southern California.

Featuring: Mayra Heredia, Jill Georgieff, Paris Yavuz, Brock Chaffin and myself.
Assisted by: Mayra Heredia, Brock Chaffin, and George Georgieff.

I’ve always had a hard time expressing myself with words, so photography has given me a way to express myself and how I see the world in ways I can’t do through speech. I like creating photos that evoke a feeling or mood, whether it be through staging a shot, simply documenting or somewhere in between. Living in the same place my whole life, it’s also allowed me to see things with a different perspective; something you’ve been looking at for years you start to view in a new way. I’m currently working on creating images that are more concept driven and moving into filmmaking as well.
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