Mijal “Existing is Resisting”


Mijal is a non-binary & feminist photographer from Argentina currently based in Barcelona. The artist uses Instagram to express topics such as discrimination & oppression in all its forms. For this new series Mijal has photographed queer couple Edu & Blanca @blanc4rias @bonitx___.

Representation of queer couples in the media is really important. The complicity, the warmth and the understanding between them really got me thinking and is something I admire. Queer couples for cis and heterosexual people can be uncomfortable and for that reason need to be everywhere. Compulsive heterosexuality needs to be replaced by acknowledging that all types of identity deserve love and to be accepted. It’s not about preferences, it’s about changing how we perceive bodies and how our desire is always towards one specific canon. And Im really happy that’s changing and I’m here to watch it.

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