Alma Rosaz “Couples in Isolation”


Alma Rosaz is a fashion and portrait photographer based in London, whose practice explores the artistic and quirky sides of fashion photography. She is currently focusing on colourful portraits touching on cultures and gender performance and identity.

She lived in many countries such as Nigeria, Norway and Indonesia, and is the daughter of a painter which strongly participated in educating her eyes for all sorts of arts, colours and cultures. Her fascination for staging and storytelling is translated by the use of props, composition and the habit to change the people she photographs into her own characters.

Couples in Isolation

Since March 2020, the world has been put under lockdown. People can only leave their homes to shop for food or medication and, in some countries, for one daily exercise. This is a situation the majority of people have never experienced before – the minority having experienced it during WWII. It is a rather personal and social challenging time for everyone; we all are slowly realising how essential human contacts and connections with nature are. As a fashion photographer not being able to attend photoshoots anymore I decided to start a photography project looking at people in isolation.

Being isolated myself for over month with my boyfriend, I decided to focus on other couples isolated together in order to see how they are dealing with it in comparaison to other couples and to my own case.

I then decided to video call couples from different countries and photograph them in their lockdown routine and ask them how it was going for them. Within the people photographed are my mum and aunt who are both Covid-19 positive. I thought it was important to include them as it shows the reality of the virus. Furthermore, due to the fact that not everyone decided to isolate at the same time – some decided to self-isolate before any official government orders while some isolated after – I decided to include the number of days they have been isolated for on each photo which they hand-wrote.
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