Nadine Schwickart


Nadine Schwickart is a Cologne based portrait photographer. After graduating with a Diploma in Media Design she developed a keen interest in photography and went on to assist a number of photographers in London. In 2015 she completed her Bachelor degree in Photography at the University of Applied Science and Arts in Dortmund.

My recent book project ‘Something Else’ is a work that concerns itself with the ideas and imagery of gender ideals. The photographs convey this disarray via the medium of portrait. Gender roles are culturally and socially determined patterns: Certain poses, fashions and accessories characterize the notions of a ‘typical’ woman or man. Images that play with the facades and the staging around this alternate between revealing and concealing, challenging familiarity and letting the contours of the projections of all that is considered  ‘female’ and ‘male’ blur into one. With this meshing of the boundaries between sexes one is left with a sense of uncertainty – and the usual clichés and stereotypes are now up for discussion.
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