Holly Stephenson

Holly Stephenson


Holly Stephenson is a fashion and portrait photographer based in the North of England, who has just completed her Undergraduate Degree in Photography.

The project ‘Fiery Rose’ is Holly’s take on fashion photography: using real women and self-representation to break the norms of what we see in the mainstream media.

The project was collaborative; the women in the images volunteered to be part of the project after seeing posters online, around shops and the University campus. Everything was shot on either medium format or 35mm film, and the mix of street and studio locations as well as colours and textures represents the eclectic nature of the women in the photos, who all came to the shoots in their own clothes and with their hair and makeup done.

My aim with the project was to celebrate individuality and empower women to be themselves.

Models: @wh0re.cr0cs @stacey.ol @lutang__ @poppydapope @throw_me_in_the_bin @laurennsamson @goaskellice

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