Nora Boerding

Nora Börding “Monologue”


Nora Börding is a freelance photographer and photojournalism student in Hannover, whose work focus lies on reportage and documentary photography particularly in social movements and private projects. She is interested in covering a broad variety of social topics and conducting in depth research during her projects. Thereby, her work does not only consist of photography but stands in combination with descriptive texts in order to portray and express the often multilayered situations. Besides her work as a photojournalist, Nora is active in the NGO Jugend RETTET and works for the movement SEEBRÜCKE.


“Since the Corona measures started our life is limited to our own four walls. Getting into a monologue with myself, I try to visualize the feelings during a worldwide pandemic. My photography is also influenced by this. Jobs and private projects lie still. Since mid-March I nearly portrayed myself every day. The self-portraits are combined with thoughts about life in isolation.”

“I have the feeling to run, to run in my thoughts without moving forward. Everything in my head is so loud. Everything screams to be productive, but nothing happens. How can I resist to only feel meaningful when I’m producing something?”
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