Will & Carly “FILTERFACE”

Will & Carly are London based directors whose work focuses on a heightened visual representation of life and emotion. Their aim is to create work that helps promote social change and inspire conscience and compassion for the wider world.

FILTERFACE is a satirical piece that looks at the unhealthy importance young people place on social media validation and the disturbing trend to go under the knife to look like their flawless filtered selfies. Doctors have labelled this new mental health illness ‘Snapchat Dysmorphia’ – a modern-day sickness that is causing young people to lose touch with reality as they seek out a manufactured, false and synthetic ideology.

“We really wanted to ring an alarm bell with this film and draw attention to the bizarre cultural obsession with AR filters that is hurting our women and girls in more ways than one.”

Shot in an ex-mental health institute in North London, the film uses performance to explore themes of worship, self-obsession and addiction to the perfect projected appearance. The choreography was crafted by Isabella Mahmoud with the help on the talented Ellie Gordon who really interrogated the brief and took the feeling of discomfort to another level.

Directors: Will & Carly @willandcarly
Choreographer: Isabella Mahmoud @babyshammm
Assitant-Choreographer: Ellie Gordon @eden_gordonn
Dancers: Isabella Mahmoud – @babyshammm
Ellie Gordon – @eden_gordonn
Georgie Cooper – @g.mki
Laura Hague – @laura_hague
Sophie Williams – @dancingwithsoph
Executive Producer: Ramy Dance @ramydance
Producer: Jonny Duncan
Cinematographer: David Wright @davidwrightdop
Prosthetics: Natasha Lawes @natashalawes
Stylist: Alex Vilcov @alex_vilcov
Music by Forest Swords @forestswords
Editor: Meg Thorne at Cut & Run @meg.thorne
Edit Producer: Maggie McDermott
Colour Grade: Jonny Tully at Big Buoy @jonnytully
Flame Artists: Richard Russell at Big Buoy
Post Producer: Hannah Whitehill @hannahrh_whitehill
Sound Mix: Adam Smyth at String and Tins @alittlwsmyth
Production Assistant: Grace Mbugua
Steadicam: Gary Kent @karygent
Focus Puller: Benjamin Smith
Gaffer: Nathan Matthews
Runner: Jessica Cottam @jess.azzurra
Cameron Randall @cameron_randall_
Design: Matthew Thomas
Special Thanks

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