Alice Skinner (Nasty Women)

In line with the global Nasty Women movement, which curates international exhibitions, we as Curated by Girls could not stay behind or stay silent. In addition to the marches and protests, we want to raise a fist against racism, fascism, sexism and oppression through art. This online exhibition will be international, no boundaries. We can have our voices be heard and our visions be seen. We are NASTY, and we are UNITED in the diversity that Curated by Girls stands for. 

Alice Skinner @thisisaliceskinner is the first artist we bring to your attention. She is an illustrator and visual artist from London. Her work reflects on today’s political environment. As an intersectional feminist she aims to bring about political change through her art; tackling issues of injustice and oppression through pastel colors and whimsical illustrations to juxtapose against the often very serious subject matter.

“The issue has become more emblematic than Trump, it is the fact the world is showing us that the treatment of women is still so unimportant. What message does it send to little girls that a man that marks you out of ten on your looks, that can brazenly talk about sexually assaulting you and one that can condemn and punish you based on your skin colour or religion is worthy to take the biggest title of all?  We have not only given a platform to this vile, bigoted rhetoric we have made him ‘the leader of the free world’. We need to resist, organise and be heard for future generations worldwide to ensure an injustice like this never happens again and that real change comes about. After the march I feel more powerful and proud to be a woman than ever, something is really happening now and I feel strength in the solidarity and knowing that this is only the beginning.” 

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