If All Rivers Lead

by Liza Scholtz @lizascholtz & Gabriella Achadinha @gabriella_achadinha

If all rivers lead, is a visual poem from South Africa; A dreamscape and a safe space, where three girl cousins step in to the activation of their power, guided by their ancestral wisdom. 

Poetry by Liza Scholtz @lizascholtz
Starring cousins: @lizascholtz, Kelsey Mullins @kelseymullins_ and Tammy Europa @tammyeuropa 
Directed and Shot by Gabriella Achadinha @gabriella_achadinha
Produced by Liza Scholtz @lizascholtz and Gabriella Achadinha @gabriella_achadinha 
Edited by Gabriella Achadinha @gabriella_achadinha, Michelle Madden @_michelle_madden and Peet van Staden @peetvstaden 
Color Grading by Michelle Madden @_michelle_madden 
Wardrobe by Liza Scholtz @lizascholtz 
Sound Design by Jade Hill @jadiewadiepuddingandpie and Sound&MotionStudio @soundandmotion_studios 
Stills by Gabriella Achadinha @gabriella_achadinha 

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