An ongoing project by French photographer Amandine Kuhlmann, dealing with challenging current stereotypical visions around the female body.

Pink Latex top : Neith Nyer
Mesh top : Simone Wild
Trousers : Lucille Thievre
Earings : Tétier Bijoux
Rings : Imminent Fantasma

Top : Lyks
Mesh fingerless gloves : Ichiyo
Tights : Simone Wild
Necklaces : Laruicci & Imminent Fantasma
Bracelet : Tétier Bijoux

Dress : Gamut
Earings : Tétier Bijoux
Necklace : Imminent Fantasma
Sandals : Lucille Thievre

Photographer : Amandine Kuhlmann @amandinekuhlmann
Stylist : Alya Derris @alyaderris
Muah : Akico @__akico__hairmake
Model : Emma @emmaburlet

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