Must-watch: About Bloody Time!

A kick-ass short film that challenges the silence around periods

Directed by Rachel Judkins @mrsrabbit and produced by Linda Hughes

On the brink of her 40th birthday and still fed up with her bloody period, filmmaker Rachel turns the camera on herself to challenge the shame that comes with her monthly visitor. Hellbent on breaking the code of silence, she drags her family and friends along for the ride. Will the hormones take over or can she find something in the mess to celebrate?

“After more than 300 periods, you think that I’d be cool about it.”

-Rachel Judkins

Even in 2020, the stigma and shame surrounding periods is very real. Every single day people are dealing with it behind closed doors, and despite it being a perfectly normal bodily function experienced by half the population, periods are still seen as dirty and something to be hidden away. About Bloody Time! personally explores the silence around periods and how simply starting the conversation in our own homes could be the catalyst needed for wider change. Set in Auckland, New Zealand, this is a kiwi film with universal themes.

About Bloody Time! is part of the Loading Docs 2020 collection which can be viewed online via

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