“A Rabbit Hole Reinvented”

This editorial, by fashion photographer Izzy Mulley, is pulling from the story Alice in Wonderland and the concept is inspired by the Mad Hatter’s tea party. It features non binary activist Aaliyah Ramsey as Alice, embodying contemporary and progressive notions of beauty.

I have taken classic elements from Lewis Carroll’s story such as timelessness, self discovery and humour and shifted the narrative away from outdated Eurocentric standards of beauty which Alice typically represents. I am capturing a function of chaos; a complete free for all, which is visually explored through eclectic styling and playful makeup. Psychedelia is also referenced through a commissioned hand painted backdrop by artist Samuel Price. 

Art Direction, Styling and Photography: Izzy Mulley @izzymu11ey
Makeup: Ash Fehners @ashfehners
Set Design: Samuel Price @samuelreesprice
Model: Aaliyah Ramsey @aaliyahramseyy with J’adore Models
Designers: Sourtai @sourtai / Andrew Sutherland @aaannndddrrrreeewww /
India Hunnikin @indiahunnikin / Wain’s Worldwide @wainsworldwide / Naira Gomez @_____naiara

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