Anouk Deville


Anouk Deville is a French photographer based in Marseille. She fell in love with photography at the age of 15 and has been exploring intimacy ever since, her own and that of those around her; Family photographs, sex scenes, moments snatched from everyday life, bodies carved by time or self-harm… Deville’s gaze stares calmly at her surroundings to produce a work marked by a violent tenderness. Her images bring us face to face with disturbing proximity and show us that all true splendor comes from darkness. 

The pictures presented here were taken between the last months of Anouk’s pregnancy and the first months with her baby. 

They show a very hard period for me, both physically and psychologically. 

My body metamorphosed, to create space for this being that was violently colonizing me. I was in so much pain, and totally drained. It didn’t get better after giving birth. But at the same time, I loved this child more than anything. As often in my work, I like to highlight ambivalence, to show that different things, that are apparently contrary, can coexist. Looking back, I feel grateful that I lived through this period and that it’s now part of my history, our history. 

Becoming a mother has turned my life upside down and forced me to face so many challenges that I didn’t feel I could handle. 

My son may be my greatest weakness but he has made me incredibly stronger.

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