Corpus Metal

Corpus Metal is a collaborative project between photographer/videographer Agustín Farías, stylist Lucia M Guerrero, and jewelry designer Pilar Gutierrez.
Lucia Guerrero had been working with plaster for a year and came up with the editorial concept.

I had been researching with plaster, taking molds from my body to see it from outside and appreciate the volumes, the shape, the changes. It was fascinating to see the accuracy with which the mold embodied the lips, the clavicles, the nipples. I could recognize myself in an instant. I began to take molds of my friends, creating different busts each with the unique characteristics of them. Was during that searching and crafting process that I fell in love with the beauty of Pilar Gutierrez’s jewelry project and its concept. Our projects fit perfectly and it was an opportunity to create something beautiful. Agustín turned our ideas in images, and this editorial was born.

-Lucia Guerrero

Photography and video: Agustin Farias @agustinfar
Stylist: Lucia M. Guerrero @luciamguerrero
Jewelry Designer: Pilar Gutierrez @cobrag_
Makeup: Brenda Sarkissian @brensarkis

Anna Torres Escuder @_annatoes
Janina Asprilla @janinaasprilla
Ami Schreien @_kingami
Brenda Lopes Dos Santos @brendylopes2012

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