Maria Torres


Maria Torres is a Berlin based visual artist. Through her images she aims to trigger critical thinking, inspire reflection and self exploration. Sexuality, love and spirituality are at the center of her personal interest and art.

We are living a revolutionary time in our history when it comes to our assumptions of love, gender roles, and happiness. There is a longing for deeper truth, people are returning to spirituality to create experiences beyond the materially driven values of popular culture. Luckily, it is getting easier to find people embodying ideas that are sustainable and efficient in bringing greater balance and happiness to our communities.In the exploration of my own happiness, I have become deeply interested in the notions of femininity that feel true to me and are not being honoured in our culture. The feminine is being rediscovered and slowly reintegrated, an encouraging movement that is helping us share and connect. Growing up as a woman, I have run into so many misconceptions and unhelpful conditionings that result in unnecessary suffering. It is our responsibility to bring clarity to the fundaments of what make humans thrive in life.
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