Carolina Aguirre


Carolina Aguirre is an Argentinean artist, filmmaker living in London. Her art tends to focus on the female experience and nature. Reclining Goddess is a piece that celebrates female sensuality, vulnerability and community.

My initial fascination with the Reclining Goddess yoga pose came through my emotional response to practicing it; with my legs spread open and my arms overhead I felt vulnerable, sensual, peaceful and strong. Qualities which define womankind at its best.
After drawing it many times, I noticed how well the pose fitted into a hexagon. A shape natureā€™s invented to create the strongest tessellating structure with the most internal space. A similarity between the hive and womanhood became apparent. Each larva is born within their individual hexagon, a safe space in which to grow, and yet benefits from the nutrition the hive creates as whole. This space can be seen as the freedom to be who you truly are without judgement, and the nutrition the kindness, support and inherited or shared wisdom with which we nourish ourselves. Viewing womankind through this honeyed lens moved me to create a film that tried to capture both the concept and the feeling of strength and joy this filled me with.

Directed by Carolina Aguirre
Produced by Erin Sayder, Raine Films
Cinematography by Amelia Harzeligg
Talent: Frankie Guarino, Jonelle Lewis,  Tammy le Vasan, Mia Zur-Szpiro, Kelly Cho, Mar Vivas, Anette Pollner, Jen Long, Anna B Savage, Eloise Raab, Carly Lindon-Forrester
Gaffer: Edel Gardner 
Camera Assistant: Kerry Martin
Hair & Make Up: Billie Mckenzie
Vocals :Anna B Savage
Music and Edit: Carolina Aguirre
Colour grade: Faith Millin
Soudmix: Morgan Williams

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