Melle Skärfstad


Melle Skärfstad is a multimedia artist from Sweden, now based in Barcelona. Her work blends photography with painting, and she also creates videos, installations and sculptures. In her art she explores themes of sexuality, beauty and existential questions, always expressed through the feminine lens. The series Layers is a continuing investigation of how we see ourselves and how the world interprets the body as an object or a vessel for our souls.

“The series spawns from the depths of the unconscious. It links the human form, the spiritual mind and the dark matter of the universe. Multiple layers of paint symbolize the social norms that are projected onto our expression of sexuality. Layers of imprinted social rules filter what we say, how we express ourselves, as well as how we feel, see and interpret images. The images express how valuable women are and welcome an expression of sexuality that defies shame and judgment. We are taught to live in the safe, light side of our sexuality and not tap into the full spectrum of our sexual identities.”
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