Protest for women’s rights!

Agata Lučić is an illustrator/visual artist based in Zagreb, Croatia, whose work aims to defend and join the protest for basic women’s rights and freedoms; reproductive rights and the right to adequate health care, to body integrity and autonomy, the right to freedom from domestic and sexual violence…

I protest against discrimination! Women’s rights fight unfortunately still need to continue, especially when we witness the times of denial and endangerment of our freedom and right to choose.

In the past year, we have witnessed various terrifying violations of women’s rights. The US Supreme Court ended the 50-year-old right to abortion in about half of the states. “DOSTA!” (eng. enough!) protest took place in Croatian cities caused by the case of health care denial to Mirela Čavajda. Protests are also ongoing in Iran, triggered by the death of 22-year-old Masha Amini, who died after being arrested by the moral police because she did not properly wear a veil, according to the Islamic Republic’s dress code.


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