New Ukrainian Values

‘New Ukrainian Values’ is an ongoing project by Karyna Aslanova, a Kyiv-born Ukrainian multimedia artist, director, and photographer. Her art projects often use otherworldly imagery to reflect modern social issues, with a vague but familiar base note perceptible through a haze of the strange and incongruous.

This is an ongoing project that has gained its life due to the Russian aggression against Ukraine and has opened many eyes on what’s really important in our short and absolutely unpredictable lives.

It is based on true answers to the question ‘What is valuable now?’ from real people from Ukraine. The compositions of the images are built in such a way as to resemble shrines and religious ceremonies, something so valuable and vital and held above all else.

Being a Ukrainian artist living abroad I realised that most of all I want my art and creativity to be helpful, to start and continue a dialogue leading to creative and positive actions.


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